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Marie-Eve Boudreault

Marie-Eve Boudreault is a mom of 4 awesome kids and the founder of This Parenting Thing. Putting to good use her bachelor's degree in sociology and her passion about all-things parenting, she is a parenting blogger since 2008 and a caring parenting coach. She's actually working on the ultimate parenting course. Contact her to start creating the family life you dream of.


Cosleeping Family: 4 Wonderful Ways to Set Your Bedrooms so All Sleep Well

BEING A COSLEEPING FAMILY, or sharing a family bedroom, can be practiced in various ways to respond to all the needs of your loved ones. It’s a fact that most of us have not known this practice when we were young, and it’s often a mini-revolution to establish it in our house. First, cosleeping makes […]


4 Children’s Books of the Year That Will Make You LOVE Reading Time

Reading to our young child can be an overwhelming experience. First off, picking a book, you’re not always sure he’ll like it. And even so, he can lose interest pretty quickly. And sometimes those books you chose feel dumb to you and you yourself lose interest to reading it to your child. No, you crave […]

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