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3 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Family


Are you big on celebrations?

I wasn’t, and I’m not a big holidays decorator. But since having kids it brings me great joy to see their delight during festivities.

And Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays, a sweet day to celebrate love.

It doesn’t have to be with a lover only, it can be nice to celebrate this special day with anyone we enjoy. In fact, when I was in college it was a reason to hang out with friends. I remember putting on a weird costume to go play bowling…

But that’s another story.

I loved that my mom made my sisters and me sweet attentions on this day. I now repeat the tradition with my children.

So what to do to celebrate this day putting love first?


Blog This Parenting Thing: 3 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Family


1. Prepare decorations and “the mood” for Valentine’s Day


  1. Atmosphere. Nothing gets us more in the mood than when the atmosphere is set. You may have your children prepare decorations the week before, along with candles, or heart-shaped goodies. Or you may do it all on Valentine’s Day, it makes for fun activities together too {see more below}
  2. Lovely porcelain. A blogger friend of mine had this great idea to decorate cups, or dishes, with oil-based sharpies. Regular sharpies would work as well, but not as well.
  3. Your tunes. Create a mp3 list of love songs {or special songs you all love}.
  4. Repurpose recycled items in Valentine’s Day crafts. Create beauties such as people and hearts banderoles, heart drawings, or hand prints decorations.
  5. Togetherness. Or [make sure you’re not the only one who decorates and ] have your children pick their favorite crafts.


3 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Family, Drawing on a mug with oil-based Sharpies, This Parenting Thing


2. Fun activities for Valentine’s Day


  1. Movies. Go to the movies or have an evening together at home. You could then follow-up with time for your couple only when your children sleep (other movies, rose petals or bubble bath, candles, and the rest to your imagination).
  2. Games. Good old board games, or video games all of you together.
  3. Fresh air activities. A walk in the woods, a day at the beach, or your favorite sport together… Here we may go snowshoeing and have a maple snow cone (paper in shape of a cone, snow, maple syrup) as a snack.
  4. Write valentines to one another, or to people you care about. You may also send a valentine online. A sweet attention: include in your valentines X reasons why you love them.
  5. Heart-shaped meals. Use your creative talents to make hearts with your food at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And if you feel inclined to, to give some to someone. Don’t forget heart-shaped fruits for a chocolate fondue!
  6. Create loving art. Create an artistic piece together like a painting to add to your home as a reminder of your love. You may also create together knitted or sewed items, friendship bracelets, scrapbooks, drawings, poems, entry journals, and songs.
  7. Scavenger hunt. Littles ones love to hunt for treats or surprises. Their cheerful energy is worth it!
  8. Your own tradition. Let your people pick a favorite activity as a VDay tradition.



3 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Family, Style Me Up, Rainbow Knitting Kit, This Parenting Thing


3. Loving gifts on Valentine’s Day

Some interesting companies sent me products to try. I love that those products are useful or ecofriendly. They would make good VDay gifts if you’re so inclined. I include them in this list.

  1. Your Valentine’s Day art. I love receiving handmade items, they have sentimental value. Why not create something or give what you created for Valentine’s Day?
  2. StyleMeUp Rainbow Knitting Kit. We had lots of fun with this kit and it would made a lovely VDay activity. I made a baby infinity scarf, then a larger adult scarf for a gift with additional yard. My son participated in making a beanie hat. StyleMeUp also have other craft kits that may be of interest for you or someone in your family. Working on those projects bring us together and build life, even business, skills. Priced at $21.90 on Amazon, see the company’s website for other places to buy.
  3. Green Tree Jewelry ecofriendly earrings. I was thrilled to try those three wooden earrings sets. Good news, the base is silver-plated so it’s hypoallergenic and they are light weight. I was delighted by their products. They’re affordable in price, starting at $14.95. Green tree jewelry, This Parenting Thing
  4. Nudy Patooty organic undershirt. You want to offer a gift to that fashionista in your life but aren’t sure of her taste? The luxurious Nudy Patooty organic undershirts, made of bamboo to keep sweat away {and sweat stains!} while gently smoothing figure, would compliment any wardrobe. Many styles, starting at $46. valentine's day gifts 2016
  5. A lovely hand stamped bracelet. Customize a unique bracelet with names, words, or a quote to give your loved ones. Visit My Handstamped Jewelry, my personal boutique, and use the code VALENTINE30 to save 30% {before the end of January}. Starting at $21.20.
    "Love", in French, Etsy My Hand Stamped Jewelry, Blog This Parenting Thing

    “Love”, in French


Wishing you a sweet, lovely Valentine’s Day tradition to pass down for generations!

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inspiredbybooks - a couple of years ago

Some really great ideas! One of my friends makes an extra fancy dinner every Valentines Day for her husband and kids. I love the idea of using this fun day as an excuse to celebrate all whom we love:)

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    Marie-Eve Boudreault - a couple of years ago

    I’m loving this idea, I might borrow it as well :). Thanks for sharing!

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